Veeresh Narain

Obituary of Veeresh Narain

Veeresh Narain, youngest son of Lakshmi (mom) and Mahendra (dad) Narain, and younger brother of Nigmendra Narain, passed away on November 30, 2023. He was the “gentle giant” personified: strong, unwavering in love and support of his family and friends and coworkers, morally a North Star, and kids and animals were magnetized by his kind welcoming demeanour — he was a walking, talking, laughing, hugging Teddy Bear (Santa Claus in December). He was a genius by all measure with unmatched knowledge of all tech stuff, math stuff, and so much more, and made him an amazing person to engage. Indeed, for so many, he was Tech Support: 1-800-VEE-RESH -- which his brother jokingly said he would get him as his cell number. He loved to joust on social, political and economic matters and loved a good argument and debate; when family discussions got heated, the only persons who could stop their argument were their dogs, who forcefully barked and nudged them to stop it. He loved his travels and enjoyed photography, investing heavily in great equipment — as noted by anyone who has seen his hundreds of photos of flowers and from his trips. He was uber committed to his work in the Ontario government in Education (and beyond), and his fabulous work family were exceptional to him, and he cared for all their success and comraderie dearly. He will be deeply and wholly missed in so many lives. To honour his memory, please live and love your loved ones and friends and kids and furbabies as he did, and please always reach out to your family, friends, loved ones soon and often to say hello, check-in, argue, laugh and love — and everyday and often. If you would like to honour his memory with a donation, please donate to any of your favourite or preferred local charities. Please hug your loved ones every day and often!
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