The following resources may provide an answer to your question by contacting a government agency. Here are some links to narrow your search

Government Pensions:

Veterans Affairs Canada: 866 522-2122 or Veterans Affairs Link

Canada Pension: 800 227-9914

Ontario Cremation Services will complete Canada Pension Benefit Applications and provide you with an executor’s checklist that helps with many of these details. Here is a list prepared by Service Canada. This list helps you identify some of the steps to take when someone passes away:
Service Canada List

Quebec Pension Plan: 800 463-5185

Ontario Cremation Services will provide you with the Quebec Pension Application. This link should help answer any further question you may have. More Information

Here is a link for online Quebec Pension Application for death benefits: Application Link

General Links:

Local Health Integration Network is there to connect you with the care you need, at home and in your community wherever you live in the South West : LHIN Link

Ontario Middlesex Health UnitHealth Link

Canadian Diabetes Clothesline: 100 percent of net proceeds raised by Clothesline® directly support the Canadian Diabetes Association and world leading diabetes research, education and advocacy. More information