Create a memorial service or celebrate a life in a way that reflects the life lived. By working with the options listed below, you can approximate costs that suit your family's particular needs and budget.

Consider personalizing a memorial service or gathering with family and friends with special music, artwork, photographs or other items that reflect the life of a person to make the gathering more meaningful.

Basic Service Fee for Cremation Services

Staff Services
Consultation and co-ordinating activities Professional consultation with licensed director, and co-ordination of all activities before, during and after burial service, including services and supplies provided by us, as well as those provided by third party suppliers, such as death notices.
Service vehicle used. Additional mileage fees apply beyond 40 km.
Completion and filing of all documents necessary to facilitate the cremation, including death registration, burial permit and Coroner’s Certificate if applicable. Issue 10 proof of Death Certificates, complete CPP Benefit applications, Notify ISP, health benefit cancellation form.
A room that must meet an annual inspection by the Middlesex-London Health Unit. A body is kept in this shelter until the death has been registered and the coroner has authorized the cremation.
Service Vehicle
Vehicle that has been modified to accommodate a casket or stretcher. This vehicle is used to transfer to the crematorium and attendance at the coroner's office and city hall to register the death.
Subtotal $1610.00 (select options below for complete cost)

Estimation Calculator

Take a few minutes to estimate the approximate costs involved in a cremation, memorial or anatomical donation. In the following 6 boxes, select the items that best represents your needs. At the bottom of the page you will see your total based on your selections.

Memorial Considerations

Select one of the following:
Memorial Gathering family on own
For as little as $635 includes:
  • A registry and 25 thank you cards ($85)
  • Use of Mt. Pleasant chapel for 2 hours ($400)
  • Clergy honorarium ($150)
We also provide custom in-house service for:
  • Full colour custom designed memorial cards are available for $2.00 each
  • A memorial DVD is available with 40 of your photographs and a song of your choice ($150 extra, $10 each additional copy) Magnetic picture boards and easels (No charge)
Consider asking about :
  • Catered celebration of life in a casual reception setting.
  • Exclusive rates for memorial service at the new Logan Funeral Home or Evans Funeral Homes to London Cremation Services clients only.
Anatomical Donation
Anatomical Donation includes:
  • Transportation from place of death, record and file legal documents, coordinate with department of anatomy staff and transportation to University of Western Ontario, Department of Anatomy.
  • CPP forms and Proof of Death Certificates are completed by our staff. Assistance in preparing death notice and placing in any newspaper. Provide a detailed executor's checklist and addresses and phone numbers of various agencies as an aid in settling an estate.
  • Provincial levy and Municipal registration fee.
I only require the Basic Service

Memorial Enhancements

Memorial DVD
Up to 40 photographs synchronized to your music in a memorial slideshow presentation. Additional DVD's available at $10 each. View Here
Memorial Cards
Custom designed memorial cards with your supplied photograph and verse of your choice.
View Front View Back
Register Book
Register Book complete with 25 custom Thank You cards.
View Front View Inside

Optional Services

Witnessing the cremation is possible at one of the crematoriums. Please call us for details about this facility.
In some circumstances you may wish to identify your loved one prior to cremation. This is possible at London Cremation Services prior to cremation
No Charge
Proof of Death Certificates
Death notice
$150.00/paper/ day approx.
Pacemaker removal


Shipping within Canada (temporary container - $65)
If the death occurs more than 40 km outside London only, from 40 Km radius of London (one way).

Transportation - $1.59/
km = $   (Transportation Subtotal)

Casket / Container Purchase Options

A container or casket is necessary for the body to be placed in for cremation. Please select one. All containers or casket listed are suitable for cremation.

Cardboard - $220.35
Particleboard - $333.35
Glendale - $559.35
Woodmont - $1186.50

Urn Purchase Options

To contain the cremated remains a temporary plastic container will be provided if you wish free of charge (first selection) if you do not wish an urn.

For a complete list of Urns, visit our collection here.

Miscellaneous Fees

Already Included Where Required (except for Out of London registration)
  • Municipal Registration Fee - $40.00
  • Coroners Fee - $75.00
  • Cremation Fee - $542.40
  • Out of London registration (Only if death occurs outside of London) - $35.00 extra
Total: $ H.S.T. has been included where applicable.

This is not a price list but can be used as a guide to understanding the costs involved with cremation, memorial services and gatherings of family and friends. Prices are subject to change without notice.  London Cremation Services is prepared to provide a definite quote based on the information provided.