Pre-planning ensures that your information and wishes are recorded with us and relieves family members from many responsibilities. You may pre-plan any of our services and in doing so you are not obligated to pre-pay with Ontario Cremation Services. Pre-planning is a free service and is as simple as calling for an appointment (519) 472-2200 or 1-877-472– 2204 and coming to our office or we will send you a form to complete at your convenience and mail back to us.

Vital Statistics Information

Much of the information recorded on file is required by the Province of Ontario for death registration, preparing Proof of Death Certificates, Burial Permit, cremation application and C.P.P. Death Benefit applications. All information recorded is strictly confidential in accordance with our privacy policy.

Pre Payment Advantages

If you wish, you may pay for your services in advance. Prepayment not only relieves your family from future financial obligations, but it also guarantees that there will not be any additions to the cost of prepaid items, regardless of the length of the contract period. Should the accrued interest on the investment exceed cost increases during the contractual period, the excess interest will be refunded to the estate. We have various options including convenient payment plans, Guaranteed Investment Certificates and Annuities.