What To Do When Someone Dies

When there is a death, what you need to do may depend on where the death occurs. Sometimes it is better for a friend or family member that can think clearly under pressure to help you at this time.

At Hospital or Nursing Home

Often a social worker at a hospital or a nurse at a nursing home will guide you in the proper procedure. They may call us if you have left the name of our company with them. However, we suggest you contact us yourself immediately, so that you are assured that all is taken care of properly.

An Unexpected Death At Home

If you suspect that a person has died then it is advisable to call emergency personnel (911). If the person’s physician is available then they may be contacted as well. We are available when a death is confirmed.

Expected Death At Home

Through Community Care Access Centre a terminally ill person may arrange to have home care and nursing care at home until the death occurs at home. A registered nurse will guide you through this procedure. If you are on this program then call the nurse that has been assisting you to pronounce. We will come when you are ready for us.